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moving_checklistThere’s so many things to order, having applications switched, signing up the children for a new faculty, scheduling the movers, packing the house. With all the other stuff you do it’s hard to spare the time to get everything done. Employing a check list of tasks, can help in keeping you organized and ensure you don’t leave out a vital moving task.

I recommend that you start the list well ahead a month or more before the move. Just jot a couple of things down and then leave the list on the kitchen counter or refrigerator where everybody can see it. As you think about new things to add, jot them down straight away or it could be too late when you think about them again. As the time for the move grows closer, you may wish to transfer the list to a calendar format.

Some of the things like notifying the telephone company, will be things you can do ahead so you can allot those a date and then every day check the calendar to see what jobs have to be done. Cross off those that you have achieved and you can simply see what’s left to do. This technique also works rather well if you are delegating some of the things on the list you are able to add the name of the person responsible next to the task and this could duck any last minute “but I thought you were intending to do that” issues.

When the day of the move comes, you will doubtless still have lots left on your to do list so take care that it’s the very last thing you pack up on the way out and the very first thing you empty at your new home.

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