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Consider Painting Your Home Before Selling It

September 16, 2009 by · Leave a Comment 

dv1064020If you are currently thinking about selling your home, remember that many buyers choose a home with emotional rather than rational thinking. A home is personal to the individual, a place to spend time with their family.

I always found this strange, but it’s true that many homeowners start improving their home only as they are about to leave it. In real estate, “curb appeal” is the attraction value of your home as it is viewed from the street. And believe me, the way your home looks when it is first viewed makes a very lasting impression on the prospective buyer. So if your home presents high curb appeal, it has the potential to hook the buyer as soon as he sees it.

When painting your home to resell, choosing the correct colors can make a huge difference to the price you eventually receive. For example, a pale, sunny shade of yellow on the exterior of your house can help it sell really quickly, but a yellow with green or orange undertones can make it take longer.

Always make sure your property fits in with neighboring ones. It should never clash with anything else on the street since no one wants to buy an eyesore. Look around at brochures that demonstrate various color combinations of exterior paint. Don’t limit your paint scheme to two colors: three works much better.

Use color psychology:

  • Complex, muted shades attract highly educated or wealthy buyers. This is a color that contains tints of brown or gray and usually has more than one word in its description, like, inky pool, peppermint beach, or sage green etc as opposed to, just blue or green.
  • Simpler colors attract buyers with less education or less income. These colors are pure and straightforward. They are ideal if your house is in the lower price range, good examples are tan or yellow, emphasized with a white, green or blue trim.

Color psychology is not only for the exterior of your home. Inside, rather than painting everything white or magnolia, increase your profit with color. Most people look and feel happier when surrounded by color. As buyers usually pick houses, which make them feel happy, this makes perfect sense doesn’t it?

Anyway, to make a long story short: I’ve witnessed that in terms of resale, paint gives you the most “bang for your buck” and spending just a little time and money goes a long way.

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